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Association of Retired Seattle City Employees


Northgate Library – May 10, 2017

John Masterjohn called the meeting to order at 10:15 a.m.

 Roll call was taken by Joanne Kinsella.  Present:  Kevin Clark, Alan Hovland, Edie Jorgensen, Joanne Kinsella, John Masterjohn, Larry Mickelson, Jim Mohundro, Mike Nagan, Elizabeth Paschke, Lee Sattler, Ed Steyh, Jeannette Voiland.  Excused:  Veronica Baca, Ann Beard, Bob Chandler, Kirk Jones, Victoria Troisi, Helen Tsang.  Absent:  Florence Harrell, Anne Miller, Kathy Ray.  Guest:  Sharon Mickelson.

The Board approved the April 12, 2017 Board minutes.

Communications Committee:  The Board was asked to send Al Hovland any ideas for a  format, program and agenda ideas for the August retreat.  Mike Nagan will write up a proposal for a Webmaster.

Programs Committee:  John Masterjohn called West Seattle and Jefferson golf courses to get information regarding the December luncheon.

Finance & Treasurer:  Elizabeth Paschke handed out for discussion the Third Quarter Summary Budget Report, the 2017-2018 Draft Summary Budget; the 2017-2018 Budget Assumptions and the Third Quarter Assets Report.  The Board approved the amendment to the budget showing that the luncheon income for December is only $23 a head.  The salary for the Webmaster was raised to $100 per month.  ARSCE pays seven people stipends each month, and three of those people have chosen to not receive the monthly stipend. The Board approved the proposed budget.  Elizabeth Paschke will look into options on where to deposit the $30,000 in ARSCE’s checking account and $9,000 CD.

Financial Secretary:  Victoria Troisi reported that ARSCE has 4 new members and 1 death.

New Business:  Lee Sattler showed a sample for the free lunch certificate.

The meeting was adjourned at 12:00 pm.

Submitted by Joanne Kinsella, Recording Secretary

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