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ARSCE Spring Luncheon

West Seattle Golf Club

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Board Members Present:  Ann Beard, Barbara Graham, Florence Harrell, Alan Hovland, Edie Jorgensen, Joanne Kinsella, Larry Mickelson, Anne Miller, Jim Mohundro, Mike Nagan, Elizabeth Paschke, Lee Sattler, Ed Steyh, Victoria Troisi, Helen Tsang, Jeannette Voiland.  Excused:  Kevin Clark, Kirk Jones, John Masterjohn.  Absent:  Veronica Baca, Bob Chandler, Kathy Ray

Barbara Graham welcomed everyone.  Michelle Daly gave a blessing before lunch was served.  Lee Sattler passed out the programs she made.  Ann Beard provided the decorations.  Anne Miller donated cupcakes.  Michelle Daly won the door prize.

 A wonderful presentation was given by Sgt. Steve White and his dog Coco from the Seattle Police Department Canine (K-9) Unit.

Submitted by Joanne Kinsella, Recording Secretary


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