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ARSCE Members

In July, 2013 ARSCE membership totalled 1777.      

Eligibility and Privileges

Following are the relevant sections of the "ARSCE Constitution and Bylaws" concerning membership eligibility and privileges.


Article III

Membership of the Association shall consist of:

Section 1.  Regular Members -- composed of all dues-paying retired employees, their spouses and surviving beneficiary of said retired employees of all departments of the City of Seattle that are recipients of pensions from the City of Seattle Employees Retirement System. (Amended 5/80)

Section 2.  Associate Members.  Any citizen interested in the objectives of this Association or in rendering service thereto may become an Associate Member upon the approval of the Executive Board, upon payment of dues, and shall be entitled to all the privileges of this Association except the right to vote and to hold office.  Associate Membership may be terminated by the majority vote of the Executive Board when sitting in regular meeting and without prior notice to such Associate Member. (Amended 5/80)

Section 3.  Membership Privileges.  Membership privileges include the right to vote, hold office, serve on committees, attend meetings and to have voice in matters pertaining to the business of the Association.

To become a member:

Each person retiring from service with the City of Seattle receives a packet of information from ARSCE, including a membership application.  You may apply for membership by completing and submitting this form.  You may also apply to become a member of ARSCE in any of the following ways:

1.  Click here to complete our online membership application. Easy and immediate.

2.  Complete and mail the application form that appears in each issue of the ARSCE News.

3.  Send an email requesting an application form to:  memberservices@arsce.org.   

4.  During retirement interviews with the City of Seattle Retirement Office, complete the form stating you desire to  become an ARSCE member.

5.  Request a membership form by mail at:  ARSCE, P.O. Box 75385, Seattle, WA 98175-0385 .

Questions regarding ARSCE may be directed to: info@arsce.org.
Comments or questions concerning this website may be directed to: webmaster@arsce.org.

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This page updated July 9, 2014.