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We are ARSCE – Association of Retired Seattle City Employees, with an emphasis on retired folks and their families and friends. We are the advocate for members of the Seattle Employee Retirement System, keeping an eye on actions at the local and state level which might affect us.  And, we encourage retirees and active employees to keep in touch through our bi-monthly ARSCE News, and our quarterly luncheons.   The News covers City Retirement System issues, and includes columns and articles by active and retired employees featuring everything from travel experiences to other employee get-togethers, to books and films, and to a variety of other items of interest to retirees.  Please join us for our quarterly luncheons – a great chance to meet up with old friends and associates – and enjoy the ARSCE News, our bi-monthly publication. The News will keep you current on City Retirement System issues, and also includes columns and articles by active and retired employees featuring everything from travel experiences to other employee get-togethers, to books and films, and to a variety of other items of interest to retirees.

We maintain this website to provide users with information about ARSCE.  You’ll find the ARSCE event calendar, information about membership and the luncheons, names and contact information for the officers, and a lot of documentation, including our Bylaws, past issues of the ARSCE News, and link stop other information sources of interest to retirees.

Enjoy this website, and if you are a current or retired City of Seattle employee, we hope you are a member or that you will consider becoming a member.


John Masterjohn

ARSCE President John Masterjohn’s message, November-December 2020:


I can’t believe this is the last ARSCE newsletter of the year 2020. I will be so glad to see this year go–it has been a terrible year.


As I am writing this, we just heard about the death of the Supreme Court’s Ruth Bader Ginsburg. What a remarkable woman she was as a champion for equality. Filling her vacant position deserves to be done with respect, especially for her great contributions to our nation. By the time you read my column, the decision whether to go ahead and nominate her replacement, or wait until after the November election, will have been made.


I have heard that Lou Walter is recuperating down in Oregon, and we all send our best and hope he gets better soon.


Jeff Davis told me that in 2020, SCERS began rolling out the next phase of the system; the member self-service portal which will give members increased access to their retirement information, including a benefit estimator tool. SCERS has sent out 2,500 notices to members in the last month and will be sending out another 4,000 in the next month.


2019 was a strong year for investment returns and at the end of 2019, SCERS was managing over $3.1 billion in investments. This will continue to provide the foundation for our retirement. Their strategic asset allocation is designed to meet long-term obligations and to protect your benefits. The estimated funding level of the retirement fund is 67.6% as of June 2020. Again, we would like to emphasize that the volatility in the financial markets will not impact retiree benefits.


Some of the SCERS services delivered to members in 2019 included 800 new members added to the plan, 400 members retired, 1,800 benefits estimates were prepared for members, 209 withdrawals were processed and paid, 162 survivorship payments were created, and 42 seminars/benefit fairs and orientations were held. 


Be sure and vote in the most important November 2020 election!


Once again, I am sorry to report that we, as the Board, have made the decision to cancel our Christmas luncheon this year because of the coronavirus. However, we’re excited to ask you to join us for our “Virtual” Christmas gathering online–Wednesday, December 9th, 2020. Please see all the details on page 12 of this ARSCE News.


Please wear your masks, wash your hands, and stay safe. Have a great holiday season. I guess we’ll all learn how to do that with our new protocols.


Contact Mr. Masterjohn at president@arsce.org


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