ARSCE By-laws

ARSCE By-laws are here.

September 2021 update: ARSCE Board proposes new By-laws for later adoption by the membership

Founded in February, 1974, ARSCE was formed with an Articles of Incorporataion document, signed by retirees interested in assuring the City pension system served the retirees. Over the decades, the By-laws were incorporated into the Articles, and then called the Constitution and By-laws. The ARSCE Board recently decided to make the By-laws easier to read and follow. A Board committee worked over the summer of 2021, and prepared proposed new By-laws. The Board has approved the proposed By-laws for presentation to and adoption by a vote of the membership. This vote must take place in person, probably at ARSCE’s next luncheon. Due to ongoing Covid concerns, the date of this luncheon is presently undetermined. Therefore, membership adoption of the proposed By-laws is delayed until it is safe to meet in person again.

In the meantime, the proposed By-laws can be read here

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