President’s Message

John Masterjohn

Well, we left for sunny Arizona for a glorious ten days on March 14th. I know you don’t really want to hear that but, what can I say, I needed some sun and some Mariners baseball, even with their questionable record.


I met with Jeff Davis for our regular monthly meeting in February and he said things were on schedule with the Executive Director evaluation process and time line. The Board will review SCERS 2017 accomplishments as part of the Strategic Planning Process. A consultant will be hired to facilitate a working session with the Board to establish goals/objectives for SCERS (Seattle City Employees’ Retirement System).


There are two new members on the SCERS Board. They are Sally Bagshaw, the new chairperson, and Melissa Beatty, the acting Personnel Director.


The turnaround time for retirement benefit estimates should be shorter now because SCERS has filled two vacant positions; a retirement specialist and a Members Services Manager. SCERS also implemented the Electronic Content Management program that converted 830,000 documents into digital images. Most of the paper documents have been inventoried, boxed, and sent to an offsite storage facility. This has opened up more space for the staff.


In my last article, I mentioned Maria Britton-Sipe who is the Executive Director of the Retired Public Employees Council of Washington (RPEC). I have spoken with her again and she wants to meet with two members of her Board and a couple of our Board members. This will take place once I have returned from the desert.


Well, since I wrote this on the eve of our Spring Luncheon, I can say I hope everyone enjoyed Sergeant Steve White and his dog from the Seattle Police K-9 Unit. I missed the first time his dog performed for us, and I was glad to see them this time around.


By the time you get to read this issue of the ARSCE News there will be some new Board members and Alternates. I want to thank all who ran for the Board. Elected to the Board (3 year term): Alan Hovland, Edie Jorgensen, Joanne Kinsella, John Masterjohn, Jim Mohundro, and Merle Overland. Elected as Alternates to the Board (1 year term): Ann Beard, Tim Douglas, Sharon Mickelson, Valerie Heide Mudra, and Mary Steyh.


Well, I guess that will be all for this time. I hope everyone has a great spring.


John, your President, for now.


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This article also appears on p. 1 of the ARSCE News, May/June 2018.