ARSCE Officers

The duties and responsibilities of ARSCE Officers and Executive Board members, as well as the structure and scope of the various committees, are described in the Manual for Executive Board Members.

The  ARSCE Bylaws may be downloaded for review.


John Masterjohn

Vice President

Edie Jorgensen


Elizabeth Paschke

Financial Secretary

Victoria Troisi

Recording Secretary

Alan Brittenham

Editor, ARSCE News

Lee Sattler


Jeannette Voiland

ARSCE Executive Board Meetings are open to all ARSCE members. The Executive Board encourages attendance! They usually occur on the 2nd Wednesday of the month: check the online calendar for dates, times and locations. If you would like to bring a topic to the Board’s attention, please email John Masterjohn at

ARSCE Executive Board, 2019-2020

Includes retirement department, term expiration date

Alan Brittenham – Fleets, 6/2021

Ann Beard – Police, 6/2022

Bob Chandler – SDOT, 6/2021

Florence Harrell – Hous, 6/2020

Edie Jorgensen – Pers, 6/2021

John Masterjohn – Eng, 6/2021

George McDonald – Fleets, 6/2020

Larry Mickelsen – Eng, 6/2020

Sharon Mickelsen – Pers, 6/2022

Anne Miller – SDOT, 6/2022

Jim Mohundro – Exec Svcs, 6/2021

Mike Nagan – Exec Svcs, 6/2022

Merle Overland – Pers, 6/2021

Elizabeth Paschke – SDOT, 6/2020

Ed Steyh – SPU, 6/2022

Victoria Troisi – SDOT, 6/2022

Helen Tsang – SDOT, 6/2020

Jeannette Voiland – Lib, 6/2020


Mary Steyh – 6/2020