What is ARSCE and why should I join the organization?


Our pensions are critical. ARSCE actively monitors the City’s pension system to make sure our pensions remain strong and secure. We keep an eye on City, State, and Federal legislative proposals that could affect our pension benefits. We are engaged and keep our members informed. We host this website, and have a presence on Facebook

Joining ARSCE helps support these important efforts on your behalf. You receive a newsletter, ARSCE News, published six times a year. The News keeps you up-to-date about retiree matters and activities.

We also sponsor three luncheons and a holiday party each year. Enjoy these opportunities to stay in touch with ARSCE members who are either retired or will be in the future.

The benefits of joining ARSCE extend to all current “active” City employees. Your joining us makes us stronger!

It’s easy to join ARSCE! 

Are you a City retiree, receiving monthly payments from SCERS, the Seattle City Employees’ Retirement System? 

Print, fill out and mail this form to ARSCE

Be sure and include a signature for authorizing automatic annual dues deduction of $15 from your pension (June of each year)  


Are you an “Active” City employee, currently working for the City? Or, have you previously worked for the City?

Print, fill out and mail this form to ARSCE, along with a check for $15.00, your annual dues.

You will need to send in $15.00 each June to renew your annual membership


Association of Retired Seattle City Employees (ARSCE)

PO Box 75385

Seattle, WA 98175-0385