Mission and History

The Association of Retired Seattle City Employees (ARSCE) was founded in 1973 to protect and improve benefits for all retired City employees, and for the general social, financial and healthful benefit of all its members. ARSCE is a non-profit organization (501 c 3) by ruling of the Internal Revenue Service.

ARSCE is a strong organization with a membership exceeding 1,300. ARSCE continues to seek fair and adequate pensions for members. ARSCE officers regularly attend meetings of the SCERS Board of Administration, communicate with that board, and with the SCERS Executive Director regarding fund performance and other pertinent issues. ARSCE keeps members informed about the meetings and decisions of the SCERS Board. For many years a member of ARSCE has sat on the SCERS Board as the retired employee member of that body. We publish a bi-monthly newsletter, the “ARSCE News” which features updates on issues of concern to members, reports on member activities and notices of other activities which may interest members. ARSCE holds quarterly luncheons open to members and their guests. The ARSCE website provides timely and convenient information for members and the general public, as well as a convenient way for members to communicate with ARSCE officials.